I learn how to walk in the funniest way!

Balòss is our walker, beautiful, sound and stable.. When babies are still crawling, Balòss will help him to take their first steps, thanks to its wide handlebar and its brakeable rear wheels it will provide a firm and precise support.
Once the babies have become more confident with their walking skills, parents can transform Balòss into a walker with steering wheels, so that they can run about the house in freedom.
Balòss' curved roof invites kids to sit and have a ride, a perfect companion for them and their little fellows in their small journeys. The adjustable handlebar will follow the growth of your kids until the age of 4.    More...

Tough and beautiful

Balòss [baˈlɔss]: from the dialect of canton Ticino, Lombardy and Piedmont. It means scoundrel, little rascal.
We developed Balòss because we wanted to offer your kids their first, unforgettable ride-on toy.
We made it tough and handy, because it must stand whatever your kid does with it, and stand time. Our dream is that your child, one day, will pass it on to his/her child.
We made it outrageusly beautiful because we want your kids to be gobsmacked along with their friends, grandparents, cousins, aunts, neighbours...
We did everything possible to design beauty not only in Balòss' shapes, but also in its finishings: the shininess of stainless steel, the natural oil finish that highlights always different wood grains... Balòss is so pleasant to touch!

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There are different ways to increase the life-span of a product. One of them is to include more than a function in it.
Balòss can be a walker at first, a sopport for your kids to explore the sourrounding environment autonomously and yet in a safe way. In this configuration the walker will only run in a straight line. the handlebar is set in the lowest position, rear wheels are wide open to offer the maximum lateral stability. These can also be slowed down through a braking system.
As soon as the kids get sufficiently familiar with their balance on two feet, the front castor wheel can be activated and the brakes released, so that Balòss can be steered and their ride will get more exciting.
Balòss can be a ride-on toy for kids older than 2 years. In this configuration the handlebar will rise, the rear axle can be narrowed, in order not to interfere with the rider's legs... Balòss awaits its new pilot!

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Exquisite and natural materials

Wood, stainless steel. Everything is built around the frame, that is produced in Italy by master artisans with layers of European beechwood deriving from sustainable timber farming (that is from FSC-labelled companies). While overlaying these noble layers of wood, we carefully select the surfaces to get the best aesthetic effect from the natural veining of beech. Then the wood gets curved through a 40 minutes long process, which gives our frame its excellent mechanical properties.
All joints and parts that are subject to wear are made of stainless steel as well as the handlebars.
All this to stand the most lively wannabe-pilots, as well as the passing of time.

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Versions and colours

Our Balòss walker comes in differtent colours and layouts... You only have to choose the one that best fits your toddler!

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Balòss is equipped with a brake system that adjust the rolling smoothness of the rear wheels. So, as long as your toddler won't be at ease with his newly acquired walking skills, the walker can be set to run slower, avoiding any abrupt movement that may cause your child to fall. Once the kid has mastered his skills the wheels can be released and the cart will run fast and smooth.

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Go safe!

Balòss meets and exceeds the requirements of norm EN71-1 about the mechanical safety of toys, norm EN71-2 about the flammability of toys, norm EN 71-3 about the chemical safety of toys.
In simple terms:
- Balòss has no sharp edges, no small piece that a child would be able to detach and swallow, no moving parts able to crush a child's fingers.
- Balòss' handlebar is designed so that the toy can't rear up.
- Paints are water based, glues are completely formaldehyde-free, hypoallergenic platics won't release toxic substances, not even in case of suction.

- We sincerely hope your kids won't try to burn their toy down. In that case though, flames will expand very slowly.

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Everybody on board!

Balòss is a small coach that can carry around anything your toddlers loves: they will play for hours carrying around their teddy bears, action figures, your favourite slippers that went missing some days ago... The travel companions of our test-riders are dinosaurs and little balls, at the moment!

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Age range:   from 1 to 4 y.o.
Maximum load:  25kg / 55 lbs
Frame:  beechwood multi-ply
Handles:  stainless steel
Length:  50 cm/ 19.6"
Width:  min 28.8 cm/ 11.34"; max 35 cm/ 13.78"
Height (handlebar): 3 positions=
41.3 - 46.1 - 50.9 cm/ 16.26 - 18.15 - 20"
Weight:  4.3 kg/ 9,5 lbs
Wheels:  non-staining synthetic rubber
Braking: screw system with felt pads
Available colours: orange, blue, violet
Mounting tools: included

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