Terra: unstoppable free-spirit

Terra is our toughest balance bike, with off-road tyres, mudguard, rear handle, disc-brake!. Terra is, as a matter of fact, a small off-road motorbike, whose engine is... your kid!
While riding a balance bike your child will learn the core fundamentals of balance, coordination and steering control. Children can also learn how to use a brake in a safe condition. Balance bikes also help your child skip the stabiliser stage when they move to a larger bike.

Tough and beautiful

We developed Terra because we wanted to offer your kid his first, unforgettable ride.
We made it tough and handy, because it must stand whatever your kid does with it, and stand time. Our dream is that your child, one day, will pass it on to his/her child.
We made it outrageusly beautiful because we want your kid to be gobsmacked. And so his friends, grandparents, cousins, aunts, neighbours...
We did everything possible to design beauty not only in Terra's shapes, but also in its finishings: the shininess of stainless steel, the water-based satin paints that highlight always different wood veinings, the softness of synthetic leather... Terra is so pleasant to touch!

Exquisite natural materials

Wood, stainless steel, aluminium alloys and natural felt. Hypoallergenic rubber and synthetic leather. Everything is built around the frame, that is produced in Italy with layers of European beechwood deriving from sustainable timber farming (that is from FSC-labelled companies). While overlaying these noble layers of wood, we carefully select the surfaces to get the best aesthetic effect from the natural veining of beech. Then the wood gets curved through a 40 minutes long process, which gives our frame its excellent mechanical properties.
All joints and parts that are subject to wear are made of stainless steel or oxydized aluminium alloys , as well as the spoked wheels running on ball-bearing hubs with quick releases.
All this to stand the most lively wannabe-pilots, as well as the passing of time.

A real brake!

Terra is equipped with a mechanical disc brake , mounted on its rear wheel.
The braking effect is progressive, powerful, and light: your child will be able to easily pull the brake lever, thus learning to modulate the strength for slowing down or stopping smoothly.

Go safe!

Terra meets and exceeds the requirements of norm EN71-1 about the mechanical safety of toys, norm EN71-2 about the flammability of toys, norm EN 71-3 about the chemical safety of toys.
In simple terms:
- Terra has no sharp edges, no small piece that a child would be able to detach and swallow, no moving parts able to crush a child's fingers.
- Paints are water based, glues are completely formaldehyde-free, hypoallergenic platics won't release toxic substances, not even in case of suction.

- We sincerely hope your kids won't try to burn their toy down. In that case though, flames will expand very slowly.

My own space

Terra features a handbag in natural felt where kids can put interesting things they found along the way, or their favourite toy.
The handbag can be easily removed to clean or to be used separately from the bike. Our test-riders stuff it with different objects: dinosaurs, dolls, flowers, little stones... money!

5 steps adjustable seat

The soft synthetic leather that covers Terra's anatomical saddle has extraordinary features:
- Superior abrasion resistance (>300.000 Cycles EN12947)
- UV-Resistance XENOTEST DIN 54004/ NTC 1479
- Anti-stain Finish
- Fastness to saliva, sweat, urine.
- Mildew Resistant Backing and Face.

The saddle height can be set on 5 positions, so that Terra can grow together with your child, from the first steps until the first races with his friends.

Be bright, be seen

Sometimes you might come back a little late from the park, or from the pedestrian zone.
In these moments it is extremely important that your child is visible to other people on the way.
For this reason, Terra is equipped with a complete set of reflective stripes by 3M™ Scotchlite™.
On the backside lights get reflected by the plate. On the front mudguards reflective stripes make your child highly visible from left, right and frontside.

A help: Terra's shoulder-strap

Sometimes children seem to have an endless supply of energy.
Nonetheless, from time to time they get tired. That's why Terras comes with an adjustable shoulder-strap.
Is your child too tired, or the climb too steep?
Buckle-up the strap around the handlebar and drag the bike, while your kid still pushes it.
Is your child scared of the slope?
Buckle-up the strap around the handlebar and help your kid slow down.
Has you child decided that it's time for ice-cream?
Use the strap to hang Terra on your shoulder and have ice-cream too!


Age range:   from 28 months to 5 years
Frame:  beechwood multi-ply
Fork:  aluminium
Dimensions:  93x42x50.5cm
Weight:   5.7 kg
Wheels:  alluminium 12" with spokes and bearings
Tyres:  offroad 12.5x1.75x2.15"
Brake: disc brake, mechanical, Ø140cm
Seat height: 5 steps (cm)= 32.8, 35.1, 37.4, 39.5, 42.3
Available colours: green, cherry red, natural+green, natural+cherry red
Ringbell: included
Felt handbag: included
Reflectors: frontside, left, right, backside,